Top 20 YouTube channels for Productivity

Top 20 YouTube channels for Productivity

As many people know, YouTube can be a great place, if not the best, to learn new things. Productivity, or in other words, working smarter and more efficiently to basically live a happier and healthier life, isn't an exception.

In this post, we'll dive into our favorite top 20 YouTubers and YouTube channels where you can learn about productivity tools, frameworks, methods, and techniques.

Honestly, we learned so much about using the right tools, how to start the day with a proper morning routine, how to set yourself up for the next day with a fire evening routine, to working with productivity methods like the Pomodoro Technique, SMART, Time Blocking, GTD (Getting Things Done), Eat the Frog, Kanban, and more.

1. Mike Strives - Productivity Tips & Tools

This personal YouTube channel of Mike Strives, serial entrepreneur and self-named "Productivity Guy," is packed with videos on how to work with workflows and tools to boost productivity. He regularly shares videos about working in Notion, what items you should use, his favorite technique Pomodoro, and more.

One of our favorites is this video on:

"How to build the ultimate productivity system"

It's packed with amazing tools such as Rize to optimize your time, Llama Life to manage your tasks, Notion for basically managing your complete life, Blinkist for reading books more smartly, and how to turn your Gmail into a productivity machine!

Or this one about using Notion to build your Second Brain, based on the book 'Building a Second Brain' by Tiago Forte:

2. Ali Abdaal - Evidence-based Productivity

His mantra, "Productivity should be fun," reflects across Ali Abdaal's complete YouTube channel. Learning about productivity is, in fact, super fun when watching the videos in combination with the Ali Abdaal energy. You'll learn about the best productivity tips, often based on proven studies and about books, in his book club, where he discusses books like Eath That Frog and Atomic Habits.

We especially love this video on Time Management:

"How I Manage My Time - Time Management Tips"

3. Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain

The author of the book Building a Second Brain, Tiago Forte, has built a really helpful YouTube channel for building a Second Brain. If you're unfamiliar with the Second Brain principle: it's basically building a second "brain" or "storage" for your notes, thoughts, ideas, tasks, and more.

If you want to learn more about this productivity framework, we highly recommend checking this video:

Building a Second Brain: Capturing, Organizing, and Sharing Knowledge Using Digital Notes

4. Keep Productive - Discover Productivity Tools

The Keep Productive YouTube channel is for the product enthusiast among us. Each week, you'll discover new tools to boost your productivity, guaranteed. Besides discovering new tools and software, the channel is perfect for learning how to actually work with tools such as Monday, Trello, Todoist, Notion, and more.

If you're into note-taking, we recommend watching this very informative and entertaining video about the best note-taking apps:

"Just Use Apple Notes"

5. Matt D'Avella - Be a Productive Minimalist

The King of mastering Minimalism, Matt D'Avella, has built an entertaining YouTube channel that mainly focuses on trying things out with challenges. He tried various productivity methods and hacks, such as journaling for 30 days, using a physical alarm clock, taking cold showers, quitting social media, and more.

Absolutely one of our favorite videos is this one about:

"Habits That Changed My Life"

6. Shu Omi - Productivity Tech Reviews

Looking for apps, tools, items, tech, or setups to 10x your productivity? Check out Shu Omi's YouTube channel! It's packed with reviews about the best and latest productivity tools, software, and tech. He reviews apps, mechanic keyboards, different mouses, monitors, headphones, and more.

Check this video about his:

My Productivity Desk Setup Tour

7. Easlo - Learn everything about Notion

If you're using Notion, you must look into Easlo's YouTube Channel. He shares all kinds of ways to make working in Notion more productive and fun. He creates his own templates and workflows as well. By watching his videos, you'll definitely learn how to set up your own workflow for your productivity system, like working with tasks and setting goals in the best way possible.

And you can literally build anything in Notion as Easlo did by building a:

"Social Media Content Planner in Notion"

8. Austin Schrock - Productivity Challenges

Whether you want to beat procrastination, learn how to work more productively, or just want to watch fun and entertaining challenges, the YouTube channel of Austin Schrok is packed with those!

We discovered Austin, like many others, when one of his videos about using a tiny notebook for taking notes and journaling went viral.

This is why we recommend watching this exact video:

"This pocket notepad is (slowly) replacing my phone"

9. Clark Kegley - Live your best life

If you want to improve your way of living and live a healthier and better life, you should check Clark Kegley's YouTube Channel. He talks about how to think differently and be more mindful of doing what you love in a way that works as productively as possible.

In this video about designing your life, he very clearly walks you through the steps on how to take action to live your best life possible.

"How to Design Your Life (Step by Step)"

10. Jeff Su - Productivity App Reviews

The always smiling Jeff Su shares his favorite productivity apps and software in his always entertaining and energetic videos. He has tons of videos on how to get the best out of your Macbook by using the right macOS apps or how to make the most out of your iPhone. He also shares his favorite tech to use in your workspace, his favorite frameworks, and workflows, especially when using Notion, and more.

In fact, in one of his recent videos, he shares his daily Notion planner:

"A Productive Notion Daily Planner"

11. Leon Hendrix - Netflix for Productivity

Think Productivity in all ways of life when watching Leon Hendrix' videos. It's like a dedicated Netflix genre on productivity. The quality, the storylines, the cinematic filming: it's all there. He takes on different challenges, such as trying brain pills, dopamine detoxing, brain hacks, and how to learn everything really fast, as explained in this video:

"How To Master Anything, FAST"

12. Francesco D'Alessio - Apps and Routines

The founder and host of the Keep Productive YouTube Channel, Francesco D'Alessio, has his own channel as well. On this channel, he shares his own workflows, routines and reviews and explains the apps he uses on a daily basis.

We especially love his routine videos, such as:

"My 6:30 AM "Perfect" Morning Routine"

13. Braintales - Interviews about Productivity

The Podcast Show Braintales has its own YouTube channel that's all about uncovering the habits, workflows, and productivity routines of interesting and successful people such as founders, authors, and other YouTubers. A couple of the guests on the show are Des Traynor from Intercom, Jason Fried of Basecamp, and the successful indie hacker author Arvid Kahl, known from the book Zero to Sold.

We especially love this clip from the YouTube channel in which startup founders share their number one tip on how to start a business:

"Lessons from successful Founders on how to START"

14. Carl Pullein - Time Management & Self-Improvement

The videos on Carl Pullein's YouTube channel are all about becoming a better you. He shares tons of value on time management, self-improvement, self-growth, and optimizing your workflow to live a better life with a healthy work-life balance.

Besides that, it's also one of the best channels to discover new apps and product features, as he shares in this video about:

"My Favourite Todoist Features"

15. Thomas Frank - Notion Tips & Tricks

If you're using Notion, Thomas Frank is your go-to. He's a legend, as he earlier built and scaled his previous YouTube channel to over a million subs; he now follows and shares his passion for using Notion to optimize your productivity.

Also, if you want to know what's the latest in Notion, he's your man:

"Notion AI – 10 Mind-Blowing Examples!"

16. Rowena Tsai - Habits & Routines

Sit back and relax. Rowena Tsai's YouTube Channel is packed with laid-back and value-packed videos about her routines, her favorite apps and tools, and even vlogs in which she shows you how to work more productively.

We love watching other people's routines, so one of our favorite videos from her channel is:

"Most realistic morning routine"

17. Gillian Perkins - Productivity for Creators

If you're a creator, Gillian Perkins' YouTube channel is for you! She shares all her tips and tricks on how to get more done as a creator and how to balance your work with being creative and actually getting results. On her channel, you'll find hands-on tips on how to scale your digital business with proven routines and workflows.

One of the most important things, being a creator, is to have a healthy schedule:

"How to Plan a Productive Work Schedule"

18. Lavendaire - Goals, Meditation, Planning

Living a healthy and balanced life. That's all what Levendaire's YouTube Channel is about. She shares how she sets her goals, gets things done, her routines, her favorite apps, and her workflows, and she's recently also super into Notion, so you can expect some things related to optimizing your Notion's workflow as well.

One of the most important things is planning ahead, so we definitely recommend watching this video:

"How to Plan & Achieve Your Goals"

19. Matt Ragland - Systems for Habits

If you want to become better at forming habits and, more importantly, sticking to them, Matt Ragland's YouTube Channel is what you've been looking for. He does book reviews and software reviews, shares his favorite apps and workflows, and, in general, shares his biggest lessons learned being a creator, productivity enthusiast, and minimalist.

Bullet Journaling is one of the most effective productivity-methods for getting into a creative flow:

"Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup"

20. Robert Creating - Productivity for Creators

Robert talks about gear, apps, items, and all things related to being more productive on his awesome YouTube channel. He reviews bags, keyboards, mouses, notebooks, books, pens; you name it! Being a minimalist, he especially prefers making content for minimalists that are working remotely, as he does in this video:

"Everyday Essentials as a Minimalist"

We hope you like all of these awesome YouTube creators.

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